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ASHLEY L. HAWKEN: Executive Producer/Director/Writer 

Ash is the Executive Producer at GVC, applying his considerable experience as a writer, Producer/Director and General Media and Public Information Specialist to its projects. Since the company’s formation in 1988, he has organized such projects as the creation and development of the first TV newscast for Cuba, the structure and implementation of a fourteen month multi-media public education campaign in the Republic of Moldova and a multi-year strategic communications campaign in support of a self-determination process for Puerto Rico. 

Previous to GVC, Ash was an Executive Producer at USIA-TV’s WorldNet, producing film and television productions for world-wide use, collaborating with such personalities as Jose Ferrer, Jack Palance and Kirk Douglas.  For some quarter century at USIA, he created and produced three long-running TV series for commercial placement in Spanish-speaking countries, as well as two formats for daily world-wide broadcast. He was Chief of the American Republics Bureau at USIA-TV from 1984-88.

Languages: English, Spanish


EARLE JOHNSON: Producer/Language Director

As chief of GVC’s language versioning services, Earle draws on his 10 year experience as Operations Chief of USIA's Language Versions Division which he left to bring his talent and experience to our Group. His previous experience in commercial TV/radio and with the Voice of America, has endowed him with a technicians eye for detail and a talent for developing GVC’s technical operations and keeping our state-of-the-art systems interconnected and in fine tune.

In addition to his language work and technical expertise, Earle is an accomplished producer, now developing a TV series on Alternative Medicine, produced in GVC’s on-premises studio.  In Earle, the GVC Group has a Chief of Operations whose knowledge is not limited to wires and chips, but flourishes in the creative world of TV production and cross cultural and multi-lingual communications.   

Languages: English, French


FRANK KEMP: Producer/ Director

Frank’s resume displays an extensive record of producing/directing film and video at GVC and at the U.S. Information Agency, where assignments took him to many of the countries of Europe and Latin America.  Working out of the Agency’s Washington-based studios, Frank excelled in directing location film and live TV programs. He also became Executive Producer to overseas broadcasters who dispatched production teams to the United States to develop TV Specials for broadcast on their national networks.  

Frank is Production Manager at GVC, possessing the most extensive “rolodex” of production personnel anywhere to be found.  His producing exploits include the production of a TV Special filmed in Iceland (“The Land of Fire and Ice”) and the development of a TV series in the Russian language for the newly independent states of the former Soviet Union. 

Languages: English, Spanish


ISIL MENGI: Creative Editor/Sound Recordist

Staff Editor Isil Mengi’s skillful editing brings movement and coherence to GVC’s visual images.  She is adept with all major current edit systems: Final Cut Pro, AVID Media Composer, Media100, Sony DNW-A220 Linear editing equipment, PhotoShop, After Effects, DVD Studio Pro, and Media Cleaner. Her keen sense of composition, unerring feel for rhythm and pace and quick comprehension of concepts unfailingly results in appealing video essays. Whether it is a short news package or an in-depth feature, Isil’s work is always “on-target.” 

Before joining the GVC Group in 2002, Isil was an Executive Assistant to the Washington Bureau Chief of the Turkish Radio and TV Corporation and performed free-lance editing for several local production companies. In addition to her editing work, Isil is an effective video production crew member, specializing in location audio recording. She is a 1999 Graduate of American University’s School of Communications, majoring in               Visual Media and Cinema Studies.

Languages: English, Turkish, Italian


NENAD MLADENOVIC: Director of Photography (Still &Video Photographer)

If it has to do with a camera – any camera -- Nenad is GVC’s main man behind it.

Since becoming the Group’s Director of Photography in 1998, his camera services have been in great demand around the Washington Metropolitan Area. After arriving in the U.S. from his native Belgrade, he quickly displayed his talent for video lighting and composition, drawing upon his years of training in Europe’s finest schools of cinematography and numerous awards received there for creative excellence.

Nenad brings to his craft the experience of working in many countries and in a variety of situations – from news (covering street demonstrations in the former Yugoslavia), to feature documentary (filming the California coastline from a helicopter), to the artistic (documenting art exhibits in Washington’s finest galleries). For the past eight years, he has become a fixture in high level interviews on Capitol Hill, Foggy Bottom and in other neighborhoods of official Washington. If Nenad Mladenovic shoots your video, you will experience top-of-the-line camera work. If your need is still or fashion photography, your subjects will come to life before his camera. 

Languages: English, Serbian, Italian, Russian


MARTIN T. RONAN: Staff Producer/Media Consultant

Marty is a Producer and Public Affairs Officer with 35 years of experience in international communications and public relations. A Media Strategy Consultant, he recently spear-headed public information and education efforts in Puerto Rico and the Republic of Moldova. Prior to working with GVC, he had been a Producer/Director for more than 10 years with USIA-TV and had a career in Foreign Service which began in Chile as a Peace Corps volunteer and included later professional positions as a press attaché and audiovisual media officer for USIS in Venezuela, Guatemala, and India. Also, he was Chief of the Spanish Branch of Voice of America from 1983-86.

For the last five years, Marty represented GVC as the Media Consultant and Executive Director of the American Veterans' Committee for Puerto Rico Self-Determination, coordinating the Committee’s information and advocacy outreach to the U.S. Congress, White House and national veterans' organizations.

Languages: English, Spanish


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